About Morning Prayers

 Our lives can sometimes be one race to the finish line after another.  You wake up with a heart to spend time in God's presence, but before you have taken that first step, your day is off and running. Devotion and prayer will just have to wait.

The Christian life cannot thrive or survive successfully without God.  Just like some of us are desperate to have that morning cup of coffee, we need to have that same kind of desperation in our hearts to spend time in God's presence.  A few minutes of devotion time can make a world of difference in your day.

Morning Prayers is for the busy mom, the traveling dad, or the executive with too little time but a great need to start his or her day in God's presence.  Why not start your day out right.  God would love nothing more than to have you spend those first few minutes of your morning with Him.  

Go ahead.  Grab your Morning Prayers, and a cup of coffee.  God is waiting! 



To contact us, send an email to morningprayers@gmail.com.