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As newborn babies, desire the sincere milk of the Word, so that you may grow up in your salvation.  I Peter 2:2 

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Morning Prayer, Friday, July 31, 2015 - I WON'T COMPLAIN

Father God, forgive me for the times when I have complained about people, things or situations Amen

Philippians 2:4 and James 5:9

“Complaining is dangerous business. It can damage or even destroy your relationship with God, your relationships with other people, and even with your relationship with yourself.”  It is so easy to find yourself complaining.  The person in front of you is driving too slowly and you are in a hurry.  The clerk at the counter is chatting with the customer ahead of you, which annoys you.  Your spouse, children, parents and even co-workers are acting crazy.  There is always something to complain about right?  Yes there is but that does not mean we have to always jump on the complainer's bandwagon.  Sometimes, you should just take a deep breath and say "Let it go."  That is the godly thing to do.  In fact, I heard speaker say at a conference I attended a few weeks ago, "Instead of complaining about it, why don't you take that time to pray."  Now, I have to admit that I am an impatient driver.  Before the speaker checked me about my slow driver complaining, I would fuss.  This week, instead of fussing, I did just what she said and prayed.  Let me tell you, it made a difference.  I am hoping and praying this becomes a habit for me.  Only time will tell.  It's good to get rid of bad habits and take on good ones.  Not easy, but doable when you bring Jesus into the mix.        

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